The Siiimpsooons (Movie)

It has been many years since The Simpsons was a not to be missed television program. I haven’t seen a new episode for years. This is mostly because I have no idea when new episodes are one. Cable and free-to-air television are littered with them. Most are repeats but apparently occasionally new ones are shown at random.

So the movie release this week was an opportunity to enjoy them once again. And enjoy them we did. This movie could easily be one of the “best episodes evah.” That was quite a challenge. At 85 minutes, it is four times the length of a TV show and with no ad breaks. What is more, the writers did not go for an outlandish plot relative to the usual. In fact, it was fairly formulaic with Homer doing something he shouldn’t, becoming an outcast and then, finally, saving the day. But what it had throughout was a continual stream of jokes. The entire family enjoyed it. So if you love or have ever loved the show, you will be very happy indeed with this movie offering. But stay through the credits; it is only over when it is over.

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