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A few months ago I made a mistake. I bought a Sony Vaio SZ series notebook. I didn’t think it would be the mistake; it was my fourth Vaio and I had liked the other three. But it was and this weekend I admitted that and switched to a MacBook.

Here is what happened to the Vaio. It just wouldn’t run properly. It was taking agents to shutdown and start-up. Even on stamina mode the battery lasted just over an hour. When the computer was off the battery still drained. I tried getting a new one but it had the same story. Then on the weekend I turned it off and put it in my backpack. An hour last it was still hot, very hot. Something was definitely wrong. What is more, try and play a DVD and it told me there was a graphics card problem. (Now I should say that a computer savvy colleague has the same computer and has had no trouble. Looks like mine was a lemon).

Anyhow, faced with an upcoming international trip, this wasn’t going to work at all. I have handed the computer back to IT here at MBS and presumably it will go back to Sony. I have loaded all on the MacBook it is is just great. Windows is running, the Mac part is running and it starts and shuts down quickly.  No wonder they are dominating new laptop sales. I ain’t going back to a PC.

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  1. Hi.

    Serious problem you have with your laptop. I had the same problem with mine (I had a HP), so that, now I’m going to “take a risk” buying a Dell Inspiron Notebook.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice



  2. I’d be interested to know how fast the Mac runs PC software. I’m reluctant to change all my software over to Mac versions in the short-term, and worried that my bigger regressions wouldn’t run as fast on a Mac as on my 4gig dual-core PC.

    I wonder if there’s some basic speed test that we could both do to answer my question? I don’t want to impose on you, but would love to have a reliable answer.


  3. The Mac is the quickest PC there is. My start up time is 15 seconds from full reboot. It is much quicker than the equivalent PC. Not sure about benchmarking but I believe it is well known that the MacBookPro and MacPro outperform others; especially for maths calculations.


  4. This is becoming a common tale. User gets sick of Windows, switches to Mac.

    I was very skeptical when rumours first circulated Apple would move off PowerPC to Intel processors. Then I was surprised when they introduced Boot Camp to allow Macs to reboot to Windows. Now I see that both were an absolute master stroke.

    Apple is growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve plowed a lot of my savings into Apple shares in the expectation that their profits will keep rising for the next few years. As I walk around UWA I see that Macbooks outnumber regular Windows laptops 2:1. Even more so in computer science where it’s more like 4:1.

    One thing to consider is whether you can accept using a virtual machine program like VMWare Fusion or Parallels to run Windows without rebooting. I do so for my contract coding work and it works like a charm.


  5. I tried Parallels but it lost stability. It has some good functionality but I have now switched to VW Fusion which is very very quick and also allows for easy transportation between machines which is nice.


  6. Jacques, I’m one of the new converts (and incidentally an ex-UWA student). Got my first Macbook a few weeks ago and have become an utter devotee. I haven’t installed Windows either under boot camp or virtualisation; I have no particular need for an Windows software.

    I just can’t believe it’s taken me so many years to switch, especially given the fact that I was already so familiar with Mac OS X.

    Your increased investment in Apple was probably quite wise!


  7. Joshua,

    One small thing that keeps me from making a switch back to Apple is the simple two button mouse. As I understand it, Apple will support one, but then most Apple software wouldn’t be written to really make the best use of it would it?

    But from what you say, maybe I need to give it all a try. I’m certainly over the crap setup I’ve got – though it was OK till I installed Office 2007 which remains a nightmare for me (and fine for you!)


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