Rooting day

The 12th June, 2008, is going to have the most number of babies born on a single day in Ulyanovsk’s (a region of Russia) recorded history. Why? From

Ulyanovsk Governor Sergei Morozov has declared September 12 a Day of Conception, and is giving couples time off from work to procreate. Couples who give birth nine months later on Russia’s national day ? June 12 ? will receive money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.

So not only will anyone who has a choice try and have a baby on 12th June, nine months or so earlier people are going to attempt to be ready to go about that time and so that month will likely be a high birth rate month. So it ads that dimension to the issues we saw in Australia. A bad policy, indeed, for any beleaguered maternity wards in Ulyanovsk.

Update: Apparently, this happened last year. According to Slate the result was …

So, will Russia’s Day of Conception have any effect? Seventy-eight babies were born in Ulyanovsk province’s hospitals in the month of June after last year’s whoopee holiday. But that’s just a 4.5 percent increase from before, and the limited measure probably won’t make a dent in the population decline. The bar was a little higher back in the 1940s, when Stalin declared any woman who gave birth to 10 or more children a “Hero Mother.”

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