Freaky prediction

According to this article [HT: New Economist] I was right about the title to the sequel of Freakonomics (see my original post here). The same article also quotes Levitt and Dubner’s agent:

Suzanne Gluck, Levitt and Dubner’s agent, says Freakonomics hasn’t just inspired other numbers books. “People are pitching everything from ‘The Medical Freakonomics’ to ‘The Freakonomics of Parenting,’ ” she says. “They’re using freakonomics as a code word for unconventional wisdom.”

Hmm, I wonder if she is talking about this?

[Update: Just noted the the Fast Company article was from 2005, prior to any blogging by me. Guess that wasn’t what she was talking about and I guess my prediction was well, accurate but not incentive compatible.]