A couple of days of Leopard

We are into our second day of the new Mac operating system. The new finder has allowed us literally to both find some old stuff long lost and to get rid of a whole lot of junk we didn’t need but had previously been too much a pain to use. The backup feature works but with multiple macs to one drive it isn’t as seamless as one would like. And, finally, the parental controls aren’t there yet. It involves lots of set-up and some strange bits (such as not allowing you to chat with your children easily over your own network). It would be nice of Apple put some more development there.

I do need to rave about the most amazing screen saver. It takes your photos and assembles them in sequence into a set of mosaics made up of other photos (much like this). What you see is a bunch of photos as they zoom out from just one. Then as each photo gets smaller and more photos are on the screen you see them form into another photo of yours. That photo eventually reveals itself and then is just one in the next mosaic as it is created. It is amazing and makes for a great guessing game of what photo will be formed next. Of course, we all know screen savers hardly save screens but this is a nice little gem.

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