Return of the Inscrutable Youth

The Inscrutable Youth is back. Last year my then 7 year old daughter wrote to the Prime Minister asking why Australia (and the US) hadn’t signed the Kyoto Protocol. She got an answer which was the usual, because China and others hadn’t.

Today, she happened upon the Treasurer, Peter Costello, campaigning in Malvern. Now, 9 and with a response — China has a 1 child policy that she learned about at school — she decided to give it another go. She was a tad nervous but got the question out. The usual response came and then she forgot her counter. I was looking forward to that but what can you do?

Instead, she was decked out in her Taokwando gear and the Treasurer asked her to show him some moves. He even tried to perform some himself. The non-violent parent that I am egged her on, “when are you going to get another chance to fight a politician?” She didn’t move. That is just as well for Peter Costello. Little did he know that she can break wooden boards with her bare hands. He should be pretty happy that she was restrained. Watchers of the nightly news have missed out this time.

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