looks to cut costs is moving to cut one of its biggest costs, books. On the cover of Newsweek, it announces its Kindle e-book reader that will allow users to download books and carry them around. It is a very natural move for them to make. Can Google or Apple be far behind?

I think books will tip into the digital realm within the next 5 years. I have seen some of the e-ink readers and they are very easy on the eyes. And just like in music, the big threat will be to publishers who will lose the power they have over the distribution channel for books. It is a very exciting move.

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  1. An article that may interest you on page 18 of yesterdays Fin Review (Digital Dymocks starts a new chapter). The digital books can be downloaded at home or in store onto a USB. I don’t know how they’re solving the reader problem or if these are just pdfs.


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