US style election-lawyering

According to reports, the Liberal party is going to bring in the lawyers after election day. This is the type of thing we have seen in the US since 2000. I thought we had an Electoral Commission to deal with this stuff.

4 thoughts on “US style election-lawyering”

  1. The real problem is that the Constitution’s election qualification rule is stupid. It effectively requires that anyone who runs for election must first quit – and not just merely go on leave from – any government job (e.g. teaching) that they have. So, all ten (or whatever) candidates in each seat must quit such jobs and, if they stuff it up inadvertently but still get ‘elected’, then the election must be held again. The obvious sensible rule would be to give anyone elected a grace period to quit. Alas, our constitution is so hard to amend that sensible changes like that will never happen.

    Yes, it’d be nice if this were left to the AEC, but ultimately only the courts have the final say on whether the Constitution has been complied with or not. So, the election may get decided in our useless High Court.


  2. Of course, it’s rally just a low-rent, low impact Liberal attempted smear, that has fallen flat on it’s face. It’s a pity the ABC chose to run it so quickly.


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