Hola, Mexico to the iTunes Index

Mexico now has its own iTunes Music Store with singles selling for 15 pesos a piece. Figured that was time for another update of the iTunes Currency Index. Notice that Mexicans are paying 38% more than those North for iTunes songs. An odd sort of price discrimination to say the least.

Currency Exchange Rate Local iTunes Price Implied Exchange Rate Over/UnderValue (%)
Australia 0.88944 1.69 0.586 51.78
Japan 0.00911 200 0.005 82.2
Euro Region 1.4826 0.99 1 48.26
United Kingdom 2.5 0.79 1.253 99.52
Canadian Dollar 1.019 0.99 1 1.9
Denmark 0.19887 8 0.124 60.38
Sweden 0.15948 9 0.11 44.98
Switzerland 0.90351 1.5 0.66 36.9
Mexico 0.09113 15 0.066 38.08

Accessed from MSN Money: 21/11/2007 11:57:00 AM

Update: OK, cancel this story. It was just a rumour, so ignore Mexico. The new Index figures are right though.

9 thoughts on “Hola, Mexico to the iTunes Index”

  1. Actually the iTMS for Mexico is not open yet. I almost had a heart attack when I saw your post and immediatly weny to iTunes and nothing yet… Do you know something that we (Mexicans) don’t?



  2. i think you are confuising with apple store..

    On monday they opened an Apple Online Store.. but not iTunes..

    i dont know how you can say there is an itunes store :S


  3. “An odd sort of price discrimination to say the least.”


    I’m sorry, but that last sentencemade me giggle uncontrolably. Why? Because the ONLY thing we know in Mexico is price discrimination. Mexico has one the three worst Customs bureaus in the world (along with Russia and Ukraine, fer cryin’ out loud!), despite all these Free Trade agreements we have, and there is a huge markup on imported goods. It is one of the reasons there is so much piracy here: most media is priced higher than in the U.S. or Europe! It also doesn’t help that the Customs system here is so corrupt, which not only benefits the U.S. economy by keeping the preventing the Mexican economy from growing organically and in accord with the way of life in Mexico, it also benefits those Mexicans who control customs, making these people who already twice as rich as God even richer while extreme poverty still exists among 60% of the population.And this is a country where people make about 10 % of what they make doing the same job in the U.S. or Europe, where people have a lot less money to spend on non-essentials.

    Even the “national” versions of media (the CDs and DVDs made here in Mexico that are not subject to import tariffs) are ridiculously overpriced: I went to Tower Records in Mexico City last night and the national version of “Heroes: Season 1” cost 60 U.S. Dollars (and was regular DVD, not HD-DVD or Blu-Ray)!

    Until the “First World” economies understand that a different model is necessary in order to create an equitable market share in “developing countries”, people will still support piracy, because we will not stand to be charged more for the same products when our counterparts in richer countries get to pay less for theirs.


  4. Agh… I can’t believe how you can publish any kind of information without checking it’s veracity first. As you may or not may be aware iTunes Store is not the same as Apple Online Store. I was hoping to find some useful information about the ITSM and this big lie just made me sad =(:::


  5. Big surprise, and what about us… the record producers at Mexico?… any one?… we are f… up we can not list our cds at itunes, and piracy is dragging the industry to oblivion, what about it? any ideas?


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