Another lucky thing

Another thing for us to be grateful for in Australia (in addition to universal health coverage) is not having snow. Now sure, you say, isn’t snow magical allowing you to go sledding, skiing and build snow sculptures. Doesn’t it had a nice picture to the landscape?

Yes, all true but having just spent the better part of today trying to get out of Chicago that was brought to a standstill because of just an inch of the stuff, I came to appreciate that living with snow would really suck. Snow is something you can visit and better left that way.

Also, I note the ranting and completely unscientific nature of this blog post. I get that way when I travel.

4 thoughts on “Another lucky thing”

  1. If a non-random sample of two improves things, I lived with snow for six winters and am certainly not racing back to live in it again.


  2. Snow belongs in mountains, where it is useful for downhill skiing. Not in cities. I spent an hour yesterday shovelling the driveway and the footpaths outside my house. There were people cross-country skiing down the middle of my street. I fell over on ice patches twice on my half hour walk home from work the other day. And I’m not even in the real snow belt – many areas close to the Great Lakes have to deal not just with normal precipitation but ‘lake effect snow’, where winds pass over the lakes, pick up water, and dump it as soon as they get a chance. I truly don’t know how people in Buffalo survive.

    (Thanks so much for providing a blog post in which I can rant – very kind of you.)


  3. I haven’t seen outdoor snow since 1985, so I have long resolved that next time we get some in the Adelaide Hills, I’m going up to check it out.

    We complain so much when the minimum drops below 5° that we don’t deserve any.


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