… is pleased

I must admit, before today, I did not know what to expect from the long overdue apology to the stolen generations. I thought that with all of the waiting, it might have been just going through the motions. But watching the session this morning, I was pleased with the tone, the recollections, the concern and the reserved nature of the proceedings. It was something that school children could watch and see our government working well. The PM’s speech did not overclaim its importance and Nelson, who faced an unenviable job given the Coalition’s weakness in the past, did an excellent job; as did all those of the previous government who stood behind him as he delivered his speech. This was all made possible by the Government choosing not to monopolise the day and to establish a first bipartisan approach to indigenous issues. I am sure there is plenty for the cynical to jibe at even on this day but, for my part, this was pleasing to see and I am grateful that we took a moment to touch history.

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