So it appears that broadcasters have worked out that to compete with DVRs but have ads you need to have on-demand programming but without the ability to skip ads (NYT). The technology is basically a cable box that allows you to watch programs when you want (so you can time shift) but that wont allow you to skip ads. It is basically what they wanted Tivo to be but could never get that as people like to record to skip boring bits of programs as well.

What this will do will cut in to the DVR market for people who time shift shows they ‘must see’ but otherwise casually watch TV. But for those people who really hate ads, this will not be very appealing except that it will bring down DVR prices.

But the question I have is this: if this is such a good idea, why not put ads on iTunes TV programs, disable fast forwarding on those programs, and offer them for free? Sure, there are differences in the technology (e.g., ease of watching on a normal TV) and local advertising is impacted but commercially what is the big deal?

3 thoughts on “Ad-non-skipping”

  1. Is it really possible to disable fast forwarding in the long run. If digital images appear on a digital TV then it can be recorded and processed in any way desired.

    If people don’t want ads they should not have to have them. Rather than trying to force people to watch ads, the solution is to PAY people to watch ads i.e. give them a discount on their monthly subscription.


  2. …by a system which detects when the ad is played. You could even have a response that is required during the ad, in order to get credit for it.


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