Tim Harford at MBS

Tim Harford gave a very engaging talk at Melbourne Business School today to a full house. It is great to see so many students interested in economics that they would voluntarily come to a lunchtime lecture. It bodes well for the world. Also, it looks like Tim didn’t run into the kinds of difficulties that he did with his material in Singapore.

I would also like to thank Tim for his generous plug for my upcoming book (and yes, my daughter’s picture has appeared to make the Financial Times website).

5 thoughts on “Tim Harford at MBS”

  1. Wow. You’re quick. I was just dropping in to thank you for organising that. It was very interesting and entertaining.

    Wish I could have stayed longer but all that talk about rational crime made me concious of the cost of leaving my car too long in the 1P spot, not to mention having to explain being late to my next meeting.


  2. Thanks for making the event available to Alumni as well. It was a highly entertaining and informative. Sitting in the Coles theatre again also made me glad I didn’t have syndicate assignments to work on any more. 🙂


  3. Tim’s talk in Perth was really enjoyable also. Turnout wasn’t too great (maybe 150 people), and I was disappointed to see a lack of UWA economics staff, but I suppose it was 3:30pm on a Friday.


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