My first Time Machine moment

So I had my first “Time Machine” moment on the Mac. This morning I accidentally deleted a file I thought I wouldn’t need but had a ton of stuff that I did need. On the Mac, no problem. I literally went back in time, scooped it up and in one click restored it. I am in love. It is the greatest thing.

2 thoughts on “My first Time Machine moment”

  1. I had my first Time Machine moment last week! Same sort of scenario… What a great feature. I love that Time Machine solves these sort of problems, but also provides a way to restore your entire system if your hard drive dies (as mine did recently).


  2. Good to hear, Joshua.

    I felt a similar feeling when I lost a file at work, phoned up tech support and had them restore the previous night’s backup.

    “Oh @#@$ I lost it!” becomes “Woohoo, I’m unstoppable!” in a second. The emotional shift is enough to crack a plate.


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