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One of the reasons I loved The West Wing is that from time to time the speeches were amazing. It was fictional but you could be forgiven for wondering why it couldn’t happen in reality. This week it did and the speech is here. If you look to the side of the YouTube video you can (seemingly) contribute to the Obama campaign. I was moved enough to click that contribute button — for the first time ever for me I wanted to give money to a political campaign. Alas, it wasn’t to be: US citizens and permanent residents only; I presume due to election laws. It has been easier to give money to the West Wing by purchasing DVDs.

So be it. But if the last 8 years have shown us anything, we in the rest of the world are as bound to the outcome of the US election almost as much as those in our own countries (and for some countries more so). But I guess we will have to keep our distance from that process for the time being.

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  1. Hey mate

    As much respect as I hold for Obama, his economics are woeful. I could never support a candidate for any government who would greatly hurt a nation with the power of good intentions.

    I’m surprised that you differ.

    BTW Great blog, I love some of these articles. Books with ads? COol stuff.


  2. On the economics, I don’t know yet. There is rhetoric there but the specifics are something I think will evolve. I must admit that I rarely think that economics separates candidates in political leadership and that other qualities are more important. This time is no different.


  3. I thought he has given better speeches. I appreciated his honesty and hearfeltness but in the end I didn’t think he was able to provide a workable resolution to the questions he raised. This was partly due to the insertion of liberal talking points (such as health care and “Washington lobbyists”) in a speech that should have transcended such politicking.

    Still, he certainly far outshines any other political orator at the moment.


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