2 thoughts on “Freaky predictions”

  1. It’s worth looking at LongBets, although you’ll have to stump up money once your prediction is challenged, and winnings go to charity, because many predictions take decades possibly centuries to decide.

    Most betters are luminaries (who provide arguments), although grunts like myself can (for nix) support one side or another

    In 2022 the US economy will no longer be held to be the world leader in global environmental degradation.

    By 2070, at least six countries will have officially implemented a 4-day working week.

    By 2020, no one will have won a Nobel Prize for work on superstring theory, membrane theory, or some other unified theory describing all the forces of nature.

    The universe will eventually stop expanding.

    There will be only three significant currencies used in the world by 2063. More than 95 % of the countries in the world will use one of them.


  2. Bet2Give is also a real-money prediction market…the best part is that it is charity driven. http://www.bet2give.com

    You can trade on sports, 2008 election, business, world events, for as little as $5 and the winnings go to your favorite non-profit organization (you can nominate one too).

    Its a great site, entertainment value and philanthropic.


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