More 2020

I notice that my previous post on the 2020 Summit was picked up by Crikey today. It is a little out of date as the sessions have been re-organised and I am in the “The Productivity agenda – education, skills, science and innovation.” It is still far from the cool area but I will be joined by 99 others today including bloggers Andrew Leigh, Nicholas Gruen, Andrew Norton and my MBS colleague Ian Harper (all no-brainer attendees). The make-up of the list looks like a pretty typical economics conference (so I can imagine people thinking that the market cleared on this stream) but hopefully the injection of those who don’t normally make it to such events will make this something different.

One thought on “More 2020”

  1. Yeah, just a pity that there ain’t any 31 year old financial economists. The economics stream looks like a roll call of David Morgan’s top-end-of-town mates. I thought they were trying to tap into fresh, young blood! Did you have to nominate yourself??


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