2020: on to Day 2

We are still in the midst in 2020 and I have no idea where we are going to end up. But this post from the ABC pretty much sums up the first day from our Productivity stream.

4 thoughts on “2020: on to Day 2”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    Any thoughts in the use of market-led innovation frameworks? I read your proposal for the review of the innovation system (advanced forward produrement). My own proposal talks about this too. I would be interested to hear what are the views of the innovation sub-stream.


  2. “WHY all the fuss about teaching children to read at five, wonders Melbourne management professor and consultant Joshua Gans.

    Why not wait until they are seven, as they do in some Scandinavian countries?”

    Don’t lose your common sense just because of a nudge by someone with a string of worthless degrees, guaranteed unemployable except by a tax-funded educational institution, where he is free to come up with lunatic theories, at tax payer expense of course.

    Oh, and to attend this tax-payer funded summit too.


  3. Was it an ego trip to suggest the Australian on Mars by 2020 or did you just do it because you are hopelessly insecure in the presence of great minds?

    You were in Canberra to represent those that were not.

    By suggesting your Mars option reminds me of the disruptive kid in the classroom that yells out fart jokes.

    Grow up!


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