I feel like we are in an episode of Lost (click here to see what I mean). From ABC Insiders:

And so speculation mounts that the baby bonus will be means tested.

And to that, Brendan Nelson says this:

BRENDAN NELSON, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Every mother loves her baby, every baby is valued and Mr Rudd should value all babies equally.

We should not live in Australia where Mr Rudd thinks that some babies are more valuable than others, it’s very, very important that Mr Rudd understand that every mother loves her baby and this should be an Australia where all babies are equal.

BARRIE CASSIDY: Brendan Nelson’s Gettysburg address: all babies are created equal.

What??? Maybe Dr Nelson is going back to his ALP far left roots. Or maybe he thinks that the baby bonus payment is a price of a baby. By the way, it appears that such a notion would appeal well to the 5-7 year old vote.

4 thoughts on “What???”

  1. Coming soon from Nelson – universal pension (all oldies are equal), universal rent assistance (all renters are equal), ARC grants for all (all academics are equal)…


  2. It sounded rather Orwellian to me: All babies are created equal but some babies are more equal than others.


  3. Well, to be fair, there are some grounds for arguing that babies should have equal opportunities even if you don’t think that adults should be treated equally. The problems is, that seems to be grounds for a phase out. (1) All mothers love their babies equally, and would give them the same opportunities if they had the same resources; (2) some mothers have more resources than others and so give their babies more opportunities; therefore (3) baby bonus should be higher for mothers with lower resources.

    Also, I note that whether fathers love their babies or not is apparently irrelevant. That really bugs me.


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