Upcoming seminars on scientific disclosure

I am giving a couple of seminars around the country on a new paper with Fiona Murray (MIT) and Scott Stern (Northwestern) entitled “What drives scientific disclosure?” Here is the abstract:

We examine the incentives of scientists funded by profit-motivated capital to publish scientific knowledge. In a negotiation game, it is demonstrated that scientist utility from kudos gives them power to negotiate such disclosures regardless of whether they receive a share of the commercial returns or not. We demonstrate that strengthening intellectual property protection increases the equilibrium level of disclosure. When public funds are available we demonstrate that allowing patenting reduces the total level of funded research projects. Finally, we examine whether disclosure is increased or not when scientific races for priority occur alongside patent races.

The seminar times are as follows:

  1. Friday 23rd May, 11am: University of Queensland, St Lucia (Room 103, Colin Clark Bldg)
  2. Thursday 5th June, 2pm: Australian National University (Room 1012B, H. W. Arndt Building)