Entrepreneurship vs cheating

Apparently, there is a fine line. From the New York Times: Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg skipped his “Art in the Time of Augustus” class:

When it came time for the end-of-term study period, he was too busy building the prototype of Facebook to bother to do the reading. So in an inspired last-minute save, he built a Web site with all of the important paintings and room for annotation. He then sent an e-mail to the students taking the class offering it up as a community resource.

In a half an hour, the perfect study guide had self-assembled on the Web. Mr. Zuckerberg noted that he passed the course, but he couldn’t remember the grade he received.

I guess this is either an example of Wikicheatia or of Study Group 2.0. I wonder if any of his classmates also relied on the ‘study guide.’

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