Mid-Year Applooza

Well, in just a few short days, the mid-year religious event from Apple will be upon us. Like MacWorld in January, WWDC is the mid-year showcase of Apple products and developments. And this time, it is all iPhone all the time. The rumours are getting more truthy and it looks like the iPhone will be on sale in Australia and elsewhere from next week. One of my colleagues suggested that if Steve Job’s keynote is too exciting, he’ll have to cancel class.

But no one seems to be discussing what the new anthem will be following this event. In Jan 07 with the iPhone it was “Perfect Timing.” Mid-07 it became “1,2,3,4.” And since January this year it has been “New Soul.” What next?

[Update: Here is a nice time line of Applooza product announcements.]

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  1. Any guesses on whether Australia will get the first-generation iPhone at the same moment that the rest of the world gets the second-generation? Or will we skip over and get the new model straight away?


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