Firefox 3

For the past couple of months I have been running the beta of Firefox 3 on one of my computers. Tomorrow it will be out of beta and I can tell you I will be putting it on all of my machines. It is a sweet upgrade. Basically, it is faster, the pull down toolbars are smooth and informative and it has one thing web surfers have been waiting for, for some time — a big back button and a small forward button. Add-on management is better and it works very nicely with Google toolbar (which is a must have).

2 thoughts on “Firefox 3”

  1. I’ve been using what must be Firefox 3 (Ubuntu is forever getting updates), and the little feature I like the most is that the “do you want to remember this password” stays up the top so you can wait to see if you’ve got the right password. And being able to type anything of a previously used address and have it come up is a handy one too.


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