Another search engine? Does it add value?

Amid a surprising amount of hype, a new search engine, Cuil, was launched this week. I have previously written that the current search engines were not without problems but that they were all remarkably similar. The issue I identified was that certain results were appearing highly ranked that shouldn’t be. My example was an old post of mine on how to use Mathtype with Word 2007. That post was useful at the time but over a year later shouldn’t really be above the company’s site on a simple search. But on Google it is.

Slate asks how we can tell whether Cuil is any good. I am not sure. But I can report that it is different. My post is nowhere to be seen on the first page of results for the search “mathtype word 2007.” Consequently, it is adding diversity at the very least which is a good start. By the way, check out the search result’s URL and its simplicity.

2 thoughts on “Another search engine? Does it add value?”

  1. I jsut discovered another bit of Firefox 3 awesomeness! I went to cuil, then clicked the dropdown seeking to ‘manage search engines’, but instead say ‘add cuil’. How cool and simple is that??!


  2. I’m not at all impressed with it so far. I searched on a few very specific emissions trading topics and it returned only very vaguely / peripherally relevant pages, as well as a few totally unrelated spam sites – complete with pictures that I can tell you didn’t have anything to do with emissions trading as most people would use the phrase!


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