Solving the reality game

On the Freakonomics blog, a call to arms in solving for the Nash equilibrium of the Beauty and the Geek game. Basically, there is a bit of game theory all over it because you have the ability to pit two of your competing teams against each other for elimination. The question is: who should you send? The answer is, of course, simple: the two teams who are most likely to score well. You might be worried about retribution but in that case it will be a strong team doing the retribution and you won’t be competing against them in future elimination rounds. The hard part is predicting whether this will be a balanced team or one where one of the members is particularly strong.

One thought on “Solving the reality game”

  1. If I understand the problem statement correctly, it precludes a Nash equilibrium. Each couple that employs retribution has a better strategy available, which is to abandon retribution, but that contradicts the problem statement.

    Once players forgo retribution, the strategy of sending the strongest for elimination appears to be the Nash equilibrium. Uncertainties in estimating strength and different strengths on different tests would be serious complications.


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