Obamanomics gets even better

So I was early to get in on the quality of Obamanomics. As this Daniel Leonhardt piece in the New York Times Magazine shows, it is even better than we thought. Obama listens to economists, cares about actual evidence and in many ways is a Chicago-School Democrat. I like that characterisation. It means that you get the economics right and worry about distributional issues through the tax system. It also leads to sense on things like carbon trading and free permits; there should be no free permits and they should be auctioned off. If our own government is really going to be considered progressive, it should take note.

One thought on “Obamanomics gets even better”

  1. Or we could view the free trade credentials and level of opposition to subsidies of each as demonstrated by their voting records.

    You would think their track records would be the best guide to their future tendencies.




    Surprise, surprise Obama appears to differ with the vast majority of economists on his position on the most fundamental economic questions.


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