iPhone Shopping Lists

OK so here is another idea for the killer iPhone application: a real shopping list program. There are some of these available but they are just lists. Some have pictures and re-orderable categories but they aren’t there. Here are some features you would want:

  • Ability to synchronise data across iPhones so that lists can be shared and sent.
  • Integration with recipes so that you can automatically add ingredients to the list. This exists for desktop programs but you need it on the phone.
  • Automatic learning of regular items and the ability to add to the list automatically. So you could check an item as purchased but also whether it should be checked as unpurchased next time.
  • Ability to tailor the list order to the order in which the items come by in the supermarket. It could be done manually but which is OK but as it should be. This one is something an entrepreneurial supermarket chain could do. You write your list and then tell the program which store you are in and it orders them by aisle. You would never miss anything as it could give you directions. A supermarket could also highlight specials along the way.
  • While we are at it, why not provide the pricing information too? You could provide unit pricing. If this was a government run thing, the prices could be downloaded and, using the list on your phone, you could then choose the cheapest location for that list! Tell me I’m dreaming here but that is what we want.

I’m sure there is even more that could be done but let’s start with this.

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