iPhone probs

Well after having a very good time with the iPhone I ran into problems today. I was travelling overseas and it had been working just fine. Then when I turned it on, it went into recovery mode. It couldn’t be recognised by iTunes because the “information required for activation” could not be found and it indicated a SIM card problem. Tried a forced restore and the same deal. Rang Optus and my account was in order. Problem is, I faced a long flight home from London without the ability to access anything on the iPhone — no music, videos or games. Have no idea why and sadly the only option is to bring it in to an Optus store. This is a big pain. Once a solution is found, I’ll update this post.

[Update: Well it turns out that it is a known and insolvable problem. The phone is going back to Apple and I am getting a new one.]

One thought on “iPhone probs”

  1. Interesting. My phone mysteriously shut down four days after I first activated it. The problem was solved by a restore (although an iPhoneless day was hard at that point.) But I’m confused about why this problem happens – other phones (and other computers, for that matter) don’t need a restoration every now and then. And why aren’t these problems mentioned in the voluminous articles on iPhone probs? (That being said, no probs since and boy it’s a great phone.)


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