Content is not king

Andrew Odlyzko reminds use that content is not king, connectivity is when it comes to the Internet. Moves to block network neutrality are likely to be misplaced as they rely on a content mentality (specifically, streaming movies which is a waste of bandwidth).

However, there is an argument that except for a very small fraction of traffic (primarily phone calls and videoconferencing), multimedia should be delivered as faster than-real-time progressive downloads (transfer of segments of files, each segment sent faster-than-real-time, with potential pauses between segments). That is what is used by many P2P services, as well as YouTube. This approach leads to far simpler and less expensive networks than real-time streaming. And there is a noticeable minority of the technical community that regards this approach as the only sensible one. A truly astonishing phenomenon is that this group and the far larger streaming advocacy group do not seem to talk to each other, or even be aware that the other alternative is to be taken seriously.

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