Paralysed by results

I am pretty sure I am not getting any real work done today. It is just a waiting game for history. According to Justin Wolfers, who pals around with Ian Ayres on the Freakonomics blog, the first polls will close at 11am (Eastern Australia Summer Time). One of those is Virginia and that will give us a big indication of how things are going.

In the meantime, you can read about the experiment by Dean Karlin (who also pals around with Ian Ayres at Yale) on whether children can be bribed to change their allegance. As usual I need to point out that votes cannot actually be sold (despite strong economic reasons to allow it) and even unlike kidneys they can’t even be given away.

Update: my 4 year old has broken with the rest of the household and wants McCain. Her reason: “I would like some more chips.”