Loo Dues

The newspapers are reporting on a scheme to save water by installing meters on toilets and having households pay by the flush. Well actually not quite that. They want people to pay for their water on the basis of outflows.

The question is: how much will this really differ from the current scheme — that already includes an installed water meter — based on inflows? In my mind, not much given that we hardly charge for use there. So if that remains this would hardly make a difference. Indeed, it will involve additional costs of installing appropriate meters and if users can work out ways of not diverting water back into the system they might use more water.

That said, if there are additional costs associated with outflows, charging for it is appropriate. The problem is that the politics have put barriers on real charging for all flows and that is the thing we need to fix.

2 thoughts on “Loo Dues”

  1. What a bizarre proposal from someone in Adelaide. Charge me for my outflows in Canberra and I will put the water on the garden or into evaporation ponds and it will never get to Adelaide.


  2. I live on acreage with all water retained within my property: all rainwater, all town water and all sewerage. This proposal needs a re-think.


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