Find-a-Loo is here

Well almost. I have long lamented the lack of a toilet finding iPhone application. Well, Toilet Mate (available at the App Store) goes a long way there. Open up the application and it finds the nearest facilites and you can then click on them to find directions using the Map Application. Of course, what would be better would be something that let you see all of your options and whether it was open and had parent facilities or what have you. But this will do for the moment and at around a dollar it is cheap. I wonder how they got the data?

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  1. Respect to the team at NCM Dev for getting this out as fast as they did!

    Pantha Corporation has now launched ‘Show the Loo’ in the App store which can be downloaded for free.

    Close by public toilets (currently only in Australia although we intend to change this) are displayed on a map and directions to the selected loo are provided (on the map and a step-by-step list) within the application itself. There’s also an “I’m busting” button that will guide users immediately to the closest loo based on their current location.

    We hope this will be a useful little app for everyone down under!

    @Joshua; would love to know your opinion.

    All the best,


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