All politics and policy, all the time. A-Span is coming to Australia. Basically, it is C-Span but without the C and with a ton of A. It was an idea put forward at the 2020 Summit by Imagining Australia‘s Macgregor Duncan. He originally wanted one of ABC’s Digital Channels to be turned over for this purpose. The new plan involves it being on Pay TV only. Hardly open access but similar to the US model for these things.

I must admit that I queried the need for this. My view (which was resoundingly opposed by my younger 2020 participants) was that this stuff should be on-line and on-demand so that people could pick and choose. That was regarded as not being accessible enough and I guess, given recent and expected future experience with download caps and their high cost, they might be right about that at the moment. I was thinking 2020 but they were thinking 2008.

Update: Thanks to an alert commentor, it looks like with will be available as free to air digital and online. OK, if that all works, strike my criticisms.

3 thoughts on “A-Span”

  1. In regards to accessibility, the first link states that it will be available on free to air digital, cable and the internet.


  2. The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,,24767673-5013404,00.html)reports the CEO of Sky News as saying that the service “would initially be available on free-to-air digital TV only in Sydney.”

    The 7pm nightly news bulletin shown on the ABC HD channel here in Adelaide is the one shown on ABC1 in Sydney (including the NSW weather forecast). Is this the tradeoff those of us who don’t live in Sydney need to accept in order to receive these new channels?


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