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Well, it seems that a number of contenders have lined up to try and capture the iPhone ‘toilet finding’ application market. You might recall that I had this idea some months ago but was thwarted for easy entry because the government would not allow access to its toilet information.

First up, is Toilet Mate. This one locates you and lists the nearest facilities. To find them, you click and it launches the Maps application. It costs $0.99 and seems to work just fine. [Download]

Second, is Sit or Squat. This one is world wide and it looks like it relies on user generated information. It includes pictures and ratings and opening hours and what have you. It is free (funded by ads). Looks like it lists a large array of toilets including service stations but there were no ratings or pictures for any around me. Time will tell whether Web 2.0 kicks in there. But it did launch a map although not directions within the application and it is world-wide which could be a critical feature. [Download]

The latest is Show the Loo. This is an Australian-specific application and it shows your options on an application specific map with both walking and driving options. It has a convenient, “I’m busting” option to get you straight to the closest point. Best of all, it’s free. [Download]

The last one does the job as far as I am concerned but it is clear more innovation is on the way.

[Update: With a little more exploring I found that the Sit or Squat app was heavy on feature sorting including baby change facilities, handicap access, seat covers etc. That said, you have to be careful picking those as the information might not be there. My nearest toilet with seat covers was 653.111km away!]

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