Baby boomlet

An article in the Australian Financial Review today looked at the likely baby boom in Australia in the last week of December this year. From January 1, the baby bonus becomes means tested and so those with higher incomes have a big incentive to bring those births forward. The article quoted the Royal Australian and NZ College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists as confirming that their members will attempt and have already accommodated such requests.

In the article I also was quoted mentioning a boomlet that occurs every year around the 18-22 December. You can see it here in this graph for both Australia and the US. This people clearing out the backlog prior to Christmas. In Parentonomics, I describe how we were offered this deal with our second child who was due on 23 December. We happily accepted with the idea that the shorter the pregnancy the better.

Note also from that graph the boom in the last week of the year in the US. That is a tax induced boom that has been well documented.