Who else should David Frost interview?

Well that is a silly question as he has interviewed everyone. I just saw Frost/Nixon — a compelling movie with some of the best direction I have ever seen in a movie — so what I meant is who else would we like David Frost to extract a confession from? In my mind it might go something like this:

“So you knew well before you launched that there were major problems?”

“Yes but …”

“And you knew that it could be catastrophic? Damaging the trust of your most loyal supporters?”

“We were under pressure. We had to be seen to be doing something. Our rivals were winning time after time again.”

“But it was wrong. Not just in hindsight but at the time?”


[long pause]

“Is there something you would like to say to the people?”

“I never wanted to hurt anyone. We were trying to do what is best. But what we did … it caused trouble. We and the people lacked support. And we let it go on. And we still haven’t resolved it. Leaving it to the next generation and the next leader to deal with.”

“And for yourself.”

“I let them down. I let the customers down. I let the hard working people at Microsoft down. Vista should not have been released. I could have done better.”

“Thank you Mr Gates.”

2 thoughts on “Who else should David Frost interview?”

  1. I was a lot less impressed with Frost/Nixon after hearing that Nixon got a 20% share of the profits from the interviews, which of course gave him every incentive to say something that would guarantee a high audience….


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