25 years of Macs

The Mac is 25 years old. Feeling wistful, over the fold, are pictures of Macs I have owned. Turns out there are quite a few. And we wont mention the period 1999 to 2006 where I owned some PCs.

Technically, my parents owned this one: an original Mac with 128k memory and a floppy disk drive. Best moment: only 100 paragraphs allowed in each MacWrite document.
Mac SE/30 that I bought at graduate school at Stanford. Notable for its 30MB (yes really) hard drive.
Upgraded to the Centris 650 which had a colour screen.
My first lap top: a PowerBook 520c. Had a touch pad controller.
My first computer out of graduate school: A PowerMac 8100 with what seemed enormous then, a 20 inch monitor. Had more depth than breadth
This was my first home computer. Horrible thing really.
My first "ARC grant" meant a new computer in 1997 with a PowerMac 9500. This one had an Intel processor in it and you could switch to Windows running Windows '95. That never really worked.
Got a 2nd Gen iMac for home. Best thing ever.
So when the new one came out I instantly upgraded.
And again in 2007.
With this MacMini still plugged into the TV.
Later on, the laptop was back with a new MacBook Pro 15"
Another successful grant meant 8 cores of MacPro in the office.
And, finally, this MacBook for good measure.

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  1. I can believe it. My parents’ 512k lived a decade and a half before it blew smoke and died. Pity my MacBook’s screen flickers, despite three replacements.


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