iPhoto faces

I have been playing with iPhoto 09. We have 13,000 photos so it was going to be interesting to see how it went in cataloging the faces in the photos. And I must say, it has gone quite well. In fairly short order we have about 5,000 faces identified and confirmed. But there is a way to go.  Occasionally, it thought someone was a shoe. Basically, it takes some time to learn and when you have children of different ages that also look like one another, it isn’t that easy a task.

But it could be easily improved. First of all, how about asking for more information about the face including date of birth. This would mean that it could tell whether older photos were not of my youngest daughter, etc. Second, I think it needs to realise that two people in the same photo cannot be the same person. Finally, when cataloging, a simple ‘right click’ or other option to identify a swag of images as someone else would be in order. Nonetheless, I can’t really complain. Constraints aside, it works very effectively.

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