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The ACCC recommended that all supermarkets provide unit pricing for goods that would allow consumers to compare the price per unit for, say, toilet paper, to the price per 4, 6, 8 or 12 pack. I’m not sure what happened to that policy but in the meantime an iPhone app has appeared that does just that.

Apples2Oranges lets you enter information and compare prices. It is a few clicks less than using a calculator but it looks like it has lots of functionality.

It employs a simple touch interface where you can compare two kinds of modes: Ingredients Mode and Price Mode. Ingredients Mode lets you compare nutritional content for food you are eating or buying. Price Mode lets you compare two products side-by-side for the best price considering different measurements for volume, length, or area.

Basically, it is moving along the lines I had hoped for some months ago. A supermarket revolution is just beginning.

4 thoughts on “Unit pricing iPhone app”

  1. Apples2Oranges looks like a pretty low-tech app, basically a customized calculator.  Quantities are entered manually.  By way of comparison the early smart phone comparison shopping apps  can already  read UPC barcodes and do not rely manual entry. But the Apples2Organges UI is cute and iPhone users have a reputation for liking such things. It is hard to believe that there are not several companies working on serious implementations of your original idea.  


  2. All supermarkets in the UK do this, but I don’t know if it is a legal requirement, or if it is just the one started and the others followed suit. But they still use the occasional piece of trickery – I noticed this morning that the “premium” dishwasher salt (premium? dishwasher salt?) was tagged in 0.1kg units, whereas the normal brands were tagged in 1kg. I guess they figure anyone who can divide by 10 won’t buy the “premium” one anyway!


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