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So I have been twittering or tweeting or whateveryoucallit for the last month or so. I basically did it to see what all the fuss was about but I can’t say I have more than one tweet or so a day. I have a few followers (about the same as Facebook friends) but somehow my Facebook status still takes priority.

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But it is interesting. I follow all manner of people including our political leaders and also others like Stephen Fry. That last one decided to follow me and didn’t I feel special until I found out he was following 50,000 others! That said, I know when he goes to bed everynight and pretty much where he is every minute. It is somehow compelling.

David Pogue of the NYT has also got into twitter. He loves the ability to put a question out there and have answers in a second. Well that is fine if you are David Pogue and have 17000 eager followers. But for the rest of us, while some things can come, it can’t be really specialised. That said, I tried it for Twitter related advice and it did work. Moreover, I was more than happy to answer Malcolm Turnbull’s call for questions to ask at Question Time. Not sure if any got up.

The other thing you get is being able to carry on conversations. They are public but can be fun and useful from time to time.

Like everyone else, I can’t see were the money is going to come from. If it was integrated with Google and advertising it might make more sense but who knows.

Anyhow, if you want to follow me or just see what I have been tweeting just go to:


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