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I recently finished a book, The Two Pearls of Wisdom, by Alison Goodman who hails from Melbourne. The book is an interesting tale about a mythical Chinese empire set when there was a Chinese empire. I was drawn to it by this Orson Scott Card review (and you need only read that to be sold on the whole thing):

Australian writer Alison Goodman has written an absolutely stunning fantasy novel that deserves a wide readership, among both adults and children.

Ironically, he criticises the title, which in the US is, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn. Suffice it to say that made it difficult for me to locate here even though after reading the book the US title seemed more apt than the Australian one and certainly conveys the idea that there are more books to come in the trilogy. Regardless of the title, if you like speculative fiction, it is worth a look (click here for Amazon link).

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  1. I loved that book! One thing that led me to it was it being marketed as similar to the Tales of the Otori series (which was also brilliant if you’re looking for more reading matter). And once I started reading it, it sounded familiar…

    … because I’d read a book review for it (under the American title) at the Bookshelves of Doom blog (which is written by an American librarian) and resolved to track it down, not realising it was the same book (serendipity!). I like that review better because it doesn’t give away as much of the plot as the Orson Scott Card review. Here’s the link:


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