Inequality Datasets

My former graduate school classmate, sociologist Andrew Clarkwest, has produced a nice set of inequality measures by race for each US state, using the 1970-2000 census. I offered to host them on my website, which prompted me to also draw together the various other inequality datasets that are there. Some are Excel, while others are zipped Stata files. Links below.

  • Top income shares for 13 developed countries (paper, data)
  • Indonesian top incomes 1920-2004 (paper, data)
  • Male gini coefficients for Australia 1942-2001 (paper, data)
  • Hourly wage inequality across US states 1977-2002 (paper, data)
  • Household income inequality across US states 1963-2002 (paper, data)
  • Andrew Clarkwest’s household income inequality by race across US states 1970-2000 (paper, documentation, data)

Update, 16/6: Links corrected – sorry folks.

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