This weekend we saw the fourth Terminator movie. I must admit I enjoyed the equilibrium where these appeared once every 10 years and were somewhat in real time but this new one couldn’t wait until 2018 when it was set. But we weren’t alone seeing it this weekend. The PM, Kevin Rudd, took one of his children to it but not before asking suggestions on Twitter as to what to see. I suggested Star Trek but he didn’t take my advice and so ended up with a movie that his child liked but was not his “cuppa tea.”

So that got me thinking, why didn’t the PM like the movie? Now it could be having to always claim such things about an essentially violent flick but it wasn’t too bad or gratuitous on that front. So what if it was the subject matter of the movie? Now I am giving nothing away by saying that the movie was about leadership, who to trust for information (in this case, does John Connor really know the future or not) and what do you do when you have to make a call on imperfect advice especially when it involves an issue of understanding human cost. (By the way, that in many respects was the same theme as Star Trek.) That wasn’t an attractive theme or situation to our nation’s leader at a time where he has to make clear calls on the economy in the face of imperfect and sometimes ideologically driven advice? Call me crazy but I would have thought, these days, that would have been the PM’s cuppa tea.

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