Markets for Unlocked iPhones

It didn’t seem much remarked but last week Apple started selling iPhone 3GS’s completely unlocked in Australia for $1040 (US$840) for the 32GB model. And the Apple warranty still applies. This has happened before but not in Australia. Our of curiousity, I took a look at what appeared to be the eBay price of these new phone. They are trading at around $1400 (US$1130). That is a 35% premium and would be quite an earner for any would-be arbitrageurs. Without volume data, it is difficult to tell precisely what this means for the whole AT&T exclusivity deal in the US but, in this economy, that looks like quite a business opportunity.

1 thought on “Markets for Unlocked iPhones”

  1. are the sim card slots the same in both countries? would the australian warranty apply in the US? these issues might turn off any US ebayers….


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