Finally, finally, finally, an official iPhone toilet map

IMG_0075For over a year, I have been lamenting the lack of a toilet finding app on the iPhone that utilised the official data from The National Public Toilet Map. They haven’t released the data but the National Continence Management Strategy has released its own iPhone app (thanks to an alert twitterer for pointing this out). You can download it here for free. It looks pretty good. You tell it your location and it finds the nearest facilities which you can locate and get directions on a map. It also tells you opening hours and other information. I still think that it would be better off if the information were publicly available and innovators could make their own apps but this is better than nothing.

One thought on “Finally, finally, finally, an official iPhone toilet map”

  1. I used the new app today and it did come in handy. Sorta. It would be nice to have a little more information about the relative… ickiness of the nearby toilets. The toilet in South Carlton Gardens ought to be rated ‘better than nothing’. Well, probably.


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