Apple and Lojack

Lojack is a device placed in cars that tracks them using GPS should they be stolen. Because it is hidden but effective, Ian Ayres and Steve Levitt estimated that even having a small share of cars with Lojack installed has a disproportionate impact on the amount of crime in a city.

I wonder if the same effect is happening with some Apple products through MobileMe. If you a MobileMe subscriber you can use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your lost phone. Already there are reports of this aiding in finding stolen iPhones — here and here. But this also works for laptops too. Today a story about someone using the Screen Sharing feature and observing a thief using their stolen laptop to apply for a job and getting their details as a result. Aside from the fact that this is a laudable activity for a criminal, if this type of story became more widely known, then would-be thieves would be deterred from stealing Apple products in general. That said, it would probably be good if Apple made it harder to turn off the MobileMe service once activated.

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  1. You need to get your facts correct. LoJack does have a GPS product however the LoJack device that is placed in cars to recover them does not use GPS it uses Radio and is much better than GPS. It is also linked to the Police and the device can tell them where a car is even if its in a garage or covered unlike GPS.


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