A few tidbits

First, from The Australian today on academics and outward influence:

The Core Economics blog founded by Melbourne University economics professor Joshua Gans in 2006 gives him a platform to explain his ideas. And every time people read a post his institution’s brand benefits.

Amen to that. I hope that applies to the Institutions of all those contributing to this blog including those from Monash, ANU, Wharton, Chicago and Wilfrid Laurier.

Second, and coming soon as reported in the Canberra Times.

There will be a few surprised editors and news directors around the country after an Australian National University paper, “How Partisan is the Press: Multiple Measures of Media Slant,” is issued later today. The study was conducted by Andrew Leigh and Joshua Gans. The researchers will name the Australian newspaper with the most Labor-friendly headlines, the TV news station which shows the most bias towards a political party and reveal whether the nation’s newsrooms are really awash with left-wing bias.

Stay tuned although I can’t imagine there will be much interest!

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