Optimal Number of Urinals

Finally, someone has left a public bathroom and decided to resolve the age-old problem of how many urinals there should be given well-defined social behaviour. The answer is 3, 5, 9, 17 or 33. The read the post for the clear explanation with diagrams. I should also point out that this applies to an optimal length for a urinal wall.  I also wonder if the whole issue could be resolved with better allocation of spacing (or when it comes down to it stalls, as in women’s bathrooms). Oh yes, and I don’t need to point out that the answer to this question for women’s bathrooms as it applies to stalls is: “more.”

[Actually, there is one exception to the “more” claim and that is the new Commerce and Economics Building (aka ‘The Spot’) at the University of Melbourne. I have only observed the helpful floor plan but it is clear that there are three times the number of stalls in women’s toilets in that building than in the men’s approximating a one-to-one allocation on each floor. I wonder if this had anything to do with the gender of the Dean at the time the building was being designed.]

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