OK then, flipping

I blog early. Sometimes news breaks later. Today, following my ode to scrolling, Google introduced an experiment called Fast Flip. Try it out. It is scrolling but sideways — that is called ‘flipping’ apparently. It works better on the iPhone than on a computer; although I think the best computer layout is to click on articles full screen. But the good news is it does to newspaper articles what they should be doing to themselves; just pick a newspaper and fly.

3 thoughts on “OK then, flipping”

  1. Surely that’s not the biggest newstory breaking in your world today.

    It’s a testament to the amount of NBN info I get on here that my first thought on seeing Conroy’s Telstra breakup comments was “I wonder what Gans et al will say”…


  2. haha fast flip is nuts. Its the first time i’ve heard of it and seen it, and damn i flew through breezing that, thanks for brignign it to our notice. Genius, google, i hate em, they’re now the big man with the big musculature and the big……..but still u gotta love em for not resting on their laurels and bringing things u wouldnt think of to overcomplicate our lives through making things simpler. Booyah to google and Central australian sand flying through sydney, ppl r luvving having something to talk about. Reminds me of a Al Murray talking bout how cos weather in oz is usually pretty decent, compared to that of the poms anyway, we dun have much to alk about. We did today haha


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