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I have a list of things that I would like to achieve in life. This isn’t a list that will make my life but it is one which, if those things happen, I am certainly going to be pleased for some time. For instance, one of those things is to have designed a reality TV show. This is clearly not a goal worthy of effort or, frankly, telling lots of people about. But last year, it actually came close. Today Tonight contacted me about putting a few family through the Parentonomics treatment and filming them. That sounded like reality TV to me! But sadly (and it is hard to believe that it was thwarted by this), they couldn’t find the families to do it. Dreams dashed.

But last night one of my little list of life’s achievement was ticked off. At long last, I got a mention on Media Watch. Now this wasn’t something that I cared about whether it was going to be a good or bad mention. No, just a mention at all would do the trick. A few years ago, I thought the whole press reporting over the baby bonus stuff would get there. It didn’t. Just a few months ago, the ridiculous press reporting out of the letter on banking, looked like the ticket. It wasn’t. But, finally, the work with Andrew Leigh on media slant was enough to push us over the line.

And you can watch the whole glorious 2 minutes right here. Now, my name isn’t mentioned but if you squint you can see it, so that counts. And then there is this challenge:

But maybe the good professors could put their minds to this little conundrum.

About ten days ago, the ABC’s Midday Report brought us this piece of news:

Ros Childs: Police in Greece say a far-right militant group called ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ could be behind a bombing outside the Athens stock exchange…

— ABC, Midday Report, 3rd September, 2009

The problem is, ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ is a far-left militant group in Greece. Been around for years.

Now, does that little error demonstrate left-wing bias, or right-wing bias, or just that someone made a cock-up?

I can do that: it’s a cock-up. However, had they reported Geoffrey Blainey as saying it, it would have been bias. Glad you asked.

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